Month: July 2016

Supplier KPI’s

To the supplier card a report page has been added, showing an extensive list of KPI’s, that are calculated by the +Purchase Portal based on the history in the database. You can easily view this page by clicking the ‘Supplier

Warehouse extensions

The +Purchase Portal now provides new functionality for the warehouse master data of Exact Online: Warehouse Extensions! This is an extra table linked directly to the warehouse card in the portal, adding several new fields to the warehouse. For each warehouse

Warehouses per item

Today a new entity was added to the +Purchase Portal: Warehouses per item. This entity is read from Exact Online real-time. From the item card you can now see in which warehouses the item can be stored. The list also shows

Import item images

Recently Sebastiaan Barlo published a very nice app on the Exactonlineforum (Dutch only), that allows you to easily upload item images into Exact, right from a folder on your computer. It works like this: Select the images on your computer; Provide the